Structural Designing

Blue Steel offers structural steel analysis and design services. Our professional engineers collaborate with our steel detailers to develop an economical design that meets your needs. We focus on designing a safe structure without compromising your desired aesthetics and function.

Our Structural Steel design ensures that ideas are translated into an economic design which fulfils the client’s requirements and complies with building legislation and this is carried out by the Architectural Structures Design and Engineering Design Services section of combined services.

After understanding the customer’s way of manufacturing and erecting, the detailing drawings are arranged with all the necessary quantities (materials, nuts and bolts, panels and sheets, flashings, etc.).

The drawings are made in accordance to our detailed procedures. This “industrialization” minimizes errors, keeps costs down and results in an improved schedule.
We support high-end structural steel design activities in a number of industries including:

Agro and Pharmaceutical Industries

• Ceramic and Glass Industries

• Electronics Technology Industries

• Fertilizer and Textile Industries

• Commercial Structures

• Institutional Buildings

Please feel free to take a look at our Photo Gallery of several examples of previous work.